TERRIBLEADVICE.COM™  pledges to offer online solutions to nearly every conceivable human problem, whether about love and relationships, finances and investing, health and fitness, our tussles with technology, revenge toward others, or for that matter, anything else that is bothering you.

recommendations from someone just like you.

As trusted counsel, Chuck Goldstone promises to dispense wisdom that is accessible and supportive, happily doing so unburdened by any cumbersome commitment to accuracy or public safety, and making no claims that the guidance offered is necessarily...and pardon us for using a judgmental term here..."any good."

"So, if things do not turn out well, you will have
someone other than yourself to blame
----Chuck Goldstone



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Self-proclaimed expert on many things, Chuck Goldstone, answers unflinchingly, or at most with moderate flinching, the difficult questions posed by any hapless member of our species willing to ask.

TERRIBLEADVICE.COM™ fills the fissures left gaping by the likes of such pretentious know-it-alls as Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura and that woman in the Sunday magazine who claims her incomprehensively high IQ gives her the right to tell you how to live your life.