You will spend a huge amount of your time at your job, and if calculations serve me correctly, it is an amount of time equal to getting up on January 1st and working 24 hours a day with no breaks until the end of March.

And while some of you might think that this doesn't seem so bad and it would leave you April till December just to relax and mess around, you would be missing my point.


Work is hard.

You spend an inordinate amount of time performing tasks that you probably feel are beneath you.

If you are like almost everyone else, you are bored, hate what you do, and wonder why you let a career decision you inpulsively made when you were 20 ruin the rest of your life.


Likewise, you know you are not being paid enough, work for asses who you would injure if you could get away with it, and often wonder if, at this point, you are qualified or motivated to do anything else. At moments like these, it is hard not to think about the word "squander."

I can help.

While the advice that follows may be coming a bit too late to help you find the career of your dreams, muster the respect you deserve from superiors and coworkers, and increase you salary where you defiantly believe it should be, it might be just enough to keep you from hurting yourself or someone else anytime soon.



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