There are times when we do not feel in control, when we lack the confidence to make important decisions on our own. We vacillate; we postpone; we find excuses in order to avoid making a decision, especially the really important ones, for fear we might be making a poor choice. 

Sometimes, we so lack the self-assurance that we begin to believe that anyone but ourselves is a great deal more competent to make our decisions for us.


When the stakes are high, this salvation of a website is indeed a comforting place for the indecisive to turn, and you, like so many others, may sleep a little easier, knowing that qualified people like me, who are more objective and less invested in the outcome, are willing to make the call on your behalf.


It is often only those who really don't care a snit about you who are best positioned to make those dispassionate decisions that must be made.

So whether the stakes are high or low, you now have a venerable, and compared to you, a less fallible, resource to rely on.

So even if the decision I propose is not built on sound reason and painstaking study, at least you will not have yourself to blame if things turn out not so good.

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