Ah. love.

Like most other organisms, we are creatures who biologically desire a mate, companion, and bedfellow with which to sire offspring. Yet unlike the conch, bandicoot, and coatimundi, we are, on the phylogenic scale, the "critters who want to fall in love," who want our hearts to flutter with unstoppable desire, our knees to weaken, our eyes to shimmer, and our bodies to be warmed in the aura of mutual affection. 

  Yet this simple drive to be with another is the cause of the majority of hardship we deal with in our lives. Though we all know that the rush of exhilaration that prefaces our relationships will soon dissipate, that the infatuation will evaporate, and the once-unnoticed quirks in another will grow to be more than we can stand, we still bound forward naively into new relationships, forgetting that the last one we had turned out to be just like every one before it.

  Sure, we want to be with another. And sure, as an advanced mammalian species, we stand alone in the animal world with the tools to discover, probe, reason, and discern. Yet we seem not to be sufficiently evolved to use these human attributes to find a mate we can tolerate for the long haul.

Other species appear to make better life choices, are quite happy to couple for life, and do not complain to other members of their species what an insufferable worm their mates turned out to be.

So, in this Love and Relationship category, I will help you attract the kind of life companion you believe, right now, will be different from the miserable disasters you have repeatedly ended up with in the past.

  If you are already in relationship and it is floundering, I will help you fix the problems, at least for now.
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