So many people define themselves by the thickness of their wallets. When all that is important is defined by wealth, we are poor indeed.


A statement such as that makes us sound incrediby profound, as if we have finally found true life-balance, self-actualization, and a kind of Zen-inspired inner peace that comes with its own Birkenstocks.


It makes it sound as if money is a bad thing and we can be just as happy without the pesky stuff cluttering our lives.

The reality is, for almost every one of us, money is really, really important.

In fact, I do not know a single person who does not think that his or her lot will be ever-so-improved with a bunch more cash, securities, and property.


Most of us do not have the background or discipline to handle our money properly. But with this site as your primary fiduciary resource, you can now look down that otherwise dark pathway toward retirement with greater confidence, knowing that I, Chuck Goldstone, will joyfully offer you answers to the most difficult questions involving your money. Selflessly, I am happy to share the secrets for creating and maintaining wealth, and more imprtant, keeping others from getting their greedy hands on it.

  If after reading these pages, you do not increase your net worth many fold, it will beyour own fault and you will no doubt die in abject poverty, penniless, but because it is indeed your own fault, pitied by no one.
Upcoming answers will have you feeling much better
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